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About Autoworld of America

We are a Family Owned and Operated Used Car Dealership with more than 25 Years of experience in the Salvage vehicle industry . We are your best source for Salvage, Rebuilt, and Export Only Title Vehicles. We have one of the biggest inventories of Salvage-Repairable and Rebuilt Title vehicles in all makes and models. With access to so many salvage vehicles, we are also a huge repository of O.E.M. Used Auto Parts. And, with our years of experience, we have cultivated relationships that will help you get your vehicle or parts shipped to you wherever you may in the world.

Our staff of experienced and reliable customer service representatives will be able to help you in all aspects of your car buying experience. From selecting the vehicle of your choice, ordering parts, or clearing customs, we can do it all. Our site offers hundreds of salvage vehicle options from which to choose, and we go to great lengths to ensure that the vehicle’s condition and damage are thoroughly documented in photos and videos. That means you can buy with confidence, knowing exactly what you will receive. Better yet, if you do not see quite what you were looking for, just let us know and we will be happy to capture and send additional photos or videos of the vehicle in question.

At Autoworld of America, we are not satisfied unless YOU are completely satisfied!

Does Autoworld Sell and Ship Domestically within the US?

Absolutely. For more information about Local and Out of State Financing options or a quote for shipping Contact Us today. For an estimate on shipping rates to your area, please use the map below:


What Do the Different Types of Vehicle Titles Mean?

There are several types of vehicle title that you will see in our car listings.  These labels are often called “title brands.” They each make reference to the condition and history of the car. They include:

Rebuilt Title

Also known as “Rebuilt-Salvage,” or “Branded Title.” When a salvage vehicle has been successfully repaired an extensive DMV Inspection must be conducted to ensure that the vehicle is safe and can be allowed to return to the road prior to receiving a Rebuilt Title. Many of these vehicles are in near original condition, making it possible for you to drive immediately with no additional repair expense. Just like a used car, Rebuilt Title vehicles can be Registered, Financed and completely Insured. Thanks to technicalities in insurance law, you can get a Rebuilt Title vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a comparable Clean Title vehicle. Contact Us today to Schedule a Test Drive, or information about Local and Out of State Financing options.

Salvage/Rebuildable Title

Many of our vehicles have salvage titles, and can represent one of the best values in car buying today. Salvage title cars have been damaged to beyond 75% of the vehicle’s original value, as determined by an insurance company. These are generally vehicles that have been written off by insurance companies as “total losses” or “totaled,” because, to the insurance company, that option is cheaper than the expense of repairing the vehicle, paying the owner for rental cars during repairs, etc. Some states use the title brand “Total Loss” to reflect the insurance company’s analysis of the vehicle’s condition. In most cases, a vehicle with a salvage title can still be repaired and made roadworthy. But, due to insurance laws in America, the vehicle would never again be eligible for Clear Title in the United States. As a result, salvage titles can drastically lower the price of a vehicle, regardless of make, model, year, or repairability.

Export Only Title

Export Only Titles (C/D or Certificate of Destruction) are similar to salvage titles, because they are issued once a vehicle exceeds 75% vehicle value for its repairs. However, vehicles with C/D titles will never again be eligible for road use in the United States because of the American insurance laws. Sometimes these vehicles will be referred to as “Parts Only,” or “Junk Titles” but other states use these titles to mean something a little different, That does not mean the vehicle is beyond repair. At the price for which these vehicles can be acquired, repairing them for use outside of the US makes a lot more sense. But, it is important to note that some states consider C/D and Parts Only titles as the same thing.

Can I get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

At Autoworld of America we try to be upfront and honest with all our customers about the damage history of each vehicle we sell. We post multiple pictures and write as much detail as possible so that our Out of State and International customers have as much information as our local customers prior to making a purchase. Customers are also welcome to have a Pre-Purchase Inspection Report done on any vehicle for an additional charge paid directly to the Inspection Company.

Is It Hard To Ship A Vehicle Internationally?

Many find the very idea of shipping a vehicle internationally very daunting, but with Autoworld of America, the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. We only work with the most trusted international shipping agents and companies, to help you get the best possible rates for your shipment.
  2. We coordinate with the shipper to schedule convenient pick-up and drop-off times and dates that fit into your schedule.
  3. We help you and the shipper with any necessary documents to make getting your vehicle or parts through customs a breeze.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Shipping rates will vary widely depending on a number of factors. These include the method of shipping (Roll-On/Roll-Off vs Container), the point or origin and the destination, the number of vehicles, parts, and the relative size of these items, and the individual export company involved.  The most affordable method is usually Roll-On/Roll-Off (also called RO/RO), in which the vehicle is actually driven directly onto the ship and secured in a car deck in the ship’s hold. Of course, this only works for vehicles that are in operating condition, and no other goods (such as parts) can be stored inside the vehicle.
To request a quote, simply contact us before making your order.
Roll-on roll-off

What Is RO/RO Shipping?

The most affordable method of international shipping for a vehicle is usually Roll-On/Roll-Off (also called RO/RO), in which the vehicle is actually driven directly onto the ship and secured in a car deck in the ship’s hold. Of course, this only works for vehicles that are in operating condition, and no other goods (such as parts) can be stored inside the vehicle.
Container shipping

 What Is Container Shipping?

Oceanic Container Shipping is a very secure way to ship most vehicles, particularly if they are not in driving condition. This is also the best way to ship parts or other items. The container is your personal storage locker on the seas. The container comes in either 20 foot or 40 foot sizes (6.1 meters or 12.2 meters). Vehicles shipped in this method are strapped within the container to prevent shifting. Depending on the size of the vehicles in question, it may be possible to ship more than one vehicle in a single container (up to 2 in a 20 foot container, and 4 in a 40 foot one).



27 of Miami dba Autoworld of Miami is not responsible for the rates, quality of service, and/or the policies of the shipping company, nor are we responsible for damages or losses you may incur as a result of using any shipping company, even one we recommend. Any questions or claims for loss of damage should be directed to the export/shipping company in question.
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