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Salvage Cars for Sale to Costa Rica

  • Our selection is ready to ship from our dealership.
  • We price cars as much as 10-20% below sticker price.
  • Each vehicle is rebuilt, repairable, or export only.
  • We have 25 years of experience selecting auto salvage.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Costa Rica

It isn’t cheap, or easy, to get a car in Costa Rica. Growth in the country is exploding, and demand for vehicles is only going to increase. At Autoworld of America, we sell vehicles to people throughout Costa Rica. We are located conveniently in Miami, one of the closest places in the US to ship vehicles to the Central American country.

We are working to make finding the perfect vehicle easier than ever. Our search functions allow buyers to filter by make, model, condition, year, title, price, and even stock number. Since we sell auto salvage, our prices are significantly lower than other new and used car lots in the US and in Costa Rica.

Currently, there are some import taxes that residents of the country must pay in order to get a car, truck, or SUV in the country. To save money, it might be intelligent to consider salvage title vehicles from the US auto market.

Purchasing Auto Salvage

Buying vehicles with salvage titles is all about saving money. Specifically when it comes to luxury vehicles, “Rebuilt”, “Rebuildable”, and “C/D” title cars are easily the most affordable way to roll down the street in style. Before you buy, make sure you understand the terminology of the auto salvage industry.

Rebuilt, Rebuildable, and C/D or Export Only vehicles are often priced as much as 10% to 20% lower than the original sticker price. We select only the best condition vehicles in any category for addition to our quality auto dealership in Miami.

Importing Rebuildable, Rebuilt and C/D Vehicles to Costa Rica

Salvage cars Costa RicaImporting any type of vehicle to Costa Rica takes a bit of patience and direction. At Autoworld of America, we help each of our buyers navigate their new vehicle as best we can. Throughout our 25 years of experience, we have built partnerships with the best international shipping, import, and export companies in the world.

We can help connect our buyers to the right resources to go from internet search to driving in style. In Costa Rica, the customs process requires a bit of extra attention. Prospective buyers should spend time learning a few customs requirements and even contact the Costa Rica embassy in the US to get further details. Customs laws and tariffs can change year by year due to changing legislation, so it is important to make a personal contact before committing to a shipping company.

Finding the Best Rebuilt and Rebuildable Vehicles

Once you have decided to buy a rebuilt or rebuildable vehicle, it is essential to find a reputable dealership. Too many people choose fly-by-night companies that sell complete junk. More than half the battle of buying a salvage title vehicles is selecting the right seller.

At Autoworld of America, we have 25 years of experience and customer interactions under our belt. We know how to pick the right cars, trucks, and SUVs for individual customers. Want to start your journey towards a BMW or Mercedes-Benz? Contact us today to get started.

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