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Salvage Cars for Sale to Ghana

  • Each vehicle is in-stock at Autoworld of America.
  • All cars are ready to be shipped internationally.
  • We offer the lowest price on the best cars.
  • Every vehicles is either Rebuilt or Repairable

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Ghana

In countries like Ghana, Rebuilt and Rebuildable vehicles often the best way to find a beautiful car at a low price. Autoworld of America sells Rebuilt and salvage title vehicles to residents and businesses throughout Ghana. As Ghana grows, more and more quality vehicles are needed. Our company offers brand-name cars, trucks, and SUV’s at an incredibly discounted price, often 10 to 20% and more off of original sticker prices.

Auto salvage GhanaThe term “auto-salvage” simply describes vehicles that have been lightly damaged in one way or another. An individual state’s laws and regulations and insurance company policies help determine how a car is categorized. These vehicles come with some damage, but Autoworld of America has more than 25 years of experience buying the right cars and properly repairing them. For those who want a car at a low price in Ghana, auto salvage is the way to go.

In Ghana, quality, lower priced mechanical services are fairly easy to find. Rebuildable vehicles from Autoworld of America are fairly simple to fix with just a few tweaks. For buyers in Ghana, C/D (Certificate of Destruction) vehicles are another interesting option. Worried about navigating the market? Autoworld of America helps connect buyers to quality, dedicated shipping businesses that can help deliver salvaged auto to buyers throughout Ghana and nearby areas.

Of course, before jumping into a purchase, there are a few things you should know about buying salvaged cars in the US and shipping them to Ghana. Thankfully, Autoworld of America has you covered.

Why Auto Salvage for Ghana Is a Great Opportunity

Auto salvage is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to obtain transportation in Ghana. SUV’s, cars, trucks, and even vans that are labeled as “flooded” are very commonly purchased and repaired in Ghana. Year after year, more and more people from Ghana are choosing auto salvage in order to save thousands.

Although shipping and customs do cost a little bit of money, the savings more than compensate. When shipping only costs a few thousand dollars, the tens of thousands in savings still outweighs shipping and customs costs. With cheaper labor in Ghana and completely repaired “Rebuilt” title cars, buyers can start driving right after delivery.

Why do people in Ghana turn to auto salvage for finding transportation? Well, in a single word, price. Salvage cars from Autoworld America range from BMW’s to Cadillacs and beyond. Before buying anything, however, it can be helpful to understand the different kinds of damage in the industry.

Before buying a salvage car and shipping it to Ghana, try to identify the type of damage the car suffered. At Autoworld of America, we carefully label our vehicles to give you a clear picture on what is being offered. Below are a few descriptions of different types of damage common to salvage title vehicles:

There are other options labeled as “multiple damage” that refer to a car that was damaged in a couple of ways. With most types of damage, however, only minor repairs are needed to get the car ready for the road. Auto salvage from Autoworld of America is a great option for people in Ghana looking for a steal of a deal.

How to Buy and Ship a Salvaged Car to Ghana

Buying a Rebuilt or Rebuildable car and having it shipped to Ghana is not as hard as most would think. Navigating through the Ghana Customs Service is fairly simple for people importing salvaged automobiles. Their complete customs guide can be easily accessed here:

Buy salvage car in GhanaLike any other country, there are some fees, taxes, and paperwork that has to be filled out. Although fees and taxes can add up, the price difference of salvage auto nearly always compensates. Common shipping costs from the US to Ghana can range significantly. Luckily, Autoworld of America partners with a range of shipping brokers and specialists. We help connect buyers with the right people so that they can get on the road sooner.

In the US, a salvaged car can go directly from accident to dealership is as few as 45 days. Autoworld of America seeks out the best “salvage” title cars and offers one of the widest selections of “rebuilt” vehicles as well. Since Ghana is quickly developing to become one of the most tempting emerging markets in the world, demand for quality vehicles is only going to grow. With prices as low as 20% below original sticker price, it is no wonder so many are turning to salvage auto for transportation.

Finding a Buick or a Chrysler in Ghana is hard; finding one that is affordable is impossible. Buying a salvaged car, truck, or SUV from US dealers like Autoworld of America is one of the only ways to get the vehicle you want at a decent price. With just a few repairs (or none with a Rebuilt vehicle), all in Ghana have a chance at buying their dream car at a dream price.

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