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Salvage Cars for Sale to Guatemala

  • Lightly damaged cars at heavily discounted prices.
  • Every vehicle listed is parked in our lot.
  • Our rebuilt vehicles are ready to drive.
  • We help get you driving faster.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Guatemala

Guatemala is an emerging economy with a bright future. Businesses are growing, people are moving in, and traffic is getting dense. Even with that growing economy, getting a good car in Guatamala at a decent price isn’t easy. Wading through new and used car lots can be discouraging. There is, however, another option:

Salvage title cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs from Autoworld of America.

Since good automotive mechanics are cheaper in Central American countries, buying auto salvage from the US and repairing it in Guatemala is quickly becoming a popular choice amongst market savvy Guatemalans. So, what exactly is this growing salvage industry?

What Is Auto Salvage?

Auto salvage from the US consists of vehicles that have been labeled as damaged in one way or another and that have received a salvage title designation. The determination on whether or not a car meets the criteria is made by insurance adjusters in the US market. If a car has been lightly damaged in a weather event or an accident, they are permanently categorized as Rebuilt, Rebuildable, or Export Only.

Auto salvage titles break down into three main categories:

Autoworld of America offers the widest quality selection of salvage cars, trucks, vans, and SUV’s in the US. People in Guatemala turn to auto salvage for one reason: price.

Saving Money on Salvage Vehicles

Salvage cars GuatemalaLightly damaged vehicles are cheaper than new or used vehicles, that is just a fact. Even perfectly running “rebuilt” vehicles can be as much as 10% to 20% cheaper than cars found on lots in Guatemala. If this is true, why isn’t everyone importing auto salvage from the US to Guatemala?  A lot of the time, customs and shipping prices scare people off.

Even with shipping that costs several thousand and customs taxes and tariffs, salvage vehicles are still cheaper. Still, shipping a vehicle to Guatemala can be intimidating. At Autoworld of America, we help make the entire process easier and more efficient.

We even sell vehicles labeled as “certificate of destruction”. These export only automobiles should be purchased with the knowledge that a significant amount of repairs will be needed. People who have access to some cheap, quality repairs can make a killing with certificate of destruction auto salvage.

Shipping Auto Salvage from the US to Guatemala

Once you make the decision to buy a vehicle, you have to figure out how to get it from the US to your home. Since Guatemala is located on the eastern edge of Central America, the easiest place to transport vehicles from the US is Florida. Autoworld of America is conveniently located in the heart of Miami, Florida, making shipping and logistics much, much easier.

We do not ship vehicles ourselves, but we do help connect buyers to the industry’s best importers, exporters, and international shipping companies. Each country’s laws and customs are different, but Guatemalan laws are fairly easy to interpret. The following eight-step customs calculation process come courtesy of

  1. Find the value of your vehicle at
  2. Find the “Average trade in value.”
  3. Take the “Average Trade in Value” and add $880.00 (fee is added to all imported vehicles)
  4. Multiply number by current $ to Q Exchage rate
  5. Totaled amount is the base value you will pay taxes on.
  6. Calculate your tax with this formula
    • Pickup Truck x Base Value  23.20% = Tax Payment
    • Automobile x Base Value   34.40%= Tax Payment
    • SUV 4×4 x Base Value    28.80%= Tax Payment
    • SUV 4×2 x Base Value    34.40%= Tax Payment
  7. Calculated total is the tax paid to import a vehicle into Guatemala.
  8. Finally, add Q500 (cost of paperwork) to import your car. Amounts are paid to your customs broker.

Even with a fairly high customs rate, auto salvage from Autoworld of America shipped to Guatemala is still usually much more inexpensive than new and used vehicles found throughout the country. Finding a car to drive to and from work shouldn’t be difficult. Let Autoworld of America work to find and deliver a beautiful salvage title vehicle to Guatemala.

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