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Salvage Cars for Sale to Jordan

  • Need a car? Get it fast.
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Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Jordan

Salvage Cars for JordanIf you look hard enough, there is a way to get anything at a lower price (cars included). Auto salvage from the US is sought after globally for its low price points that are, sometimes, 10% to 20% lower than original sticker prices. At Autoworld of America, we focus on selecting only the best auto salvage to be sold in the US and throughout the world. If you live in Jordan, chances are a Rebuilt or Rebuildable vehicle is a better option than anything on the new and used car lots.

With fairly straightforward customs laws, getting a lower-priced vehicle into Jordan isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Autoworld of America has 25 years of experience selecting vehicles and helping get them into the hands of individuals around the world. With partnerships with some of the best international shipping companies, we help connect people in the US, Jordan, and beyond order online and drive on-road (or off-road if the mood strikes you) in no time.

Shipping is one thing, but getting the right car is another. At Autoworld of America, we focus on procuring the best vehicle selection in the industry.

Choosing a Salvage Title Vehicle

On our site (and our lot in Miami), shoppers will find everything from luxury stunners like a Mercedes-Benz GL-Class to more affordable options like the Nissan Altima. The one thing that doesn’t change from car to car is the quality. We work year-round to find the best vehicles categorized as “salvage” in the US.

So, what does auto salvage really mean? And how do you get the perfect car at the perfect price? Well, find a vehicle from a dealer you can trust. Oh, and it helps to understand the type and categories of damage as well.

Here is a little starter course of auto salvage industry jargon:

Term Definition
Auto Salvage A vehicle that has been categorized as “damaged” by a US insurance adjuster. There are multiple types and categories of auto salvage.
Rebuildable A category of auto salvage that refers to a vehicle that was damaged in some sort of accident, but that can be easily repaired.
Rebuilt Auto salvage that has been repaired by qualified professionals and works perfectly. To gain a rebuilt title, vehicles must pass a rigorous DMV inspection.
C/D (Export Only) C/D stands for certificate of destruction. These vehicles have been marked by the insurance adjuster as a total loss for the US market. C/D vehicles can only be sold to other countries.
Previous Flood A car that has been damaged by water. Damage is usually quite light and easily fixable.
Rolled Over Vehicles that have been in a roll over accident. Damage is usually cosmetic and fairly easily fixed.
Undercarriage Damage underneath the vehicle. Problems can range in severity, but are usually easy enough to fix.
Multiple Damage Vehicles that have been damaged in more than one way. Example: a car with water damage that was also hit in the side by hail or wind damage.


We use our experience in salvage and parts and repair to offer good vehicles at better prices no matter what the category. Once you have selected a vehicle, all you need to do is navigate Jordanian customs.

Salvage car JordanCustoms, Shipping, and Auto Salvage

Believe it or not, even after shipping and customs prices have been paid, Rebuilt and Rebuildable vehicles are still a cheaper option than full-price vehicles on car lots across Jordan. Shipping to Jordan usually costs several thousand dollars, but since prices can be tens of thousands cheaper, the deal ends up being pretty good.

Custom duty charges, insurance, taxes, and filing fees in Jordan vary, but they are usually based on the perceived “value” of a vehicle. Since some vehicles are priced lower (specifically marked as “certificate of destruction), fees are more than reasonable. If you have easy access to cheap automotive labor, the price of shipping, customs, and repair is still more than compensated by the lower price of the car.

Autoworld of America helps buyers navigate from the computer screen to the driveway. Give us a call to get the highest quality auto salvage from the US to Jordan.

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