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Salvage Cars for Sale to Lebanon

  • Rebuilt and repairable cars at low prices.
  • Our inventory is ready to ship.
  • All vehicles are shown at our Miami dealership.
  • We carefully choose every car in our selection.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Lebanon

Auto Salvage for Lebanon

Walking, biking, and hitching rides are great and all, but getting around Lebanon in a vehicle is much, much easier. So, what’s better than getting around Lebanon in a car? Cruising around in a Mercedes-Benz at a good price.

That’s what Autoworld of America is here to do. We select the best vehicles from around the US and price them at 10 to 20% off original sticker prices. Our inventory is filled with high quality auto salvage. What is “auto salvage”? It’s not as scary as it sounds. The vehicles we offer are labeled as “rebuildable”, “rebuilt”, or “export only” and are set at a much, much lower price point than new and used vehicles.

So what is auto salvage? How can you get it in Lebanon? You’re in luck, we’re here to take you from browsing the web to cruising the street.

What Is Auto Salvage?

Auto salvage LebanonUnderstanding exactly what you are buying before you pull the trigger on a purchase is a good rule of thumb for anything. The term “auto salvage” simply refers to vehicles that have been analyzed as being damaged from an accident or weather event. This damage is determined through insurance adjuster analysis and state automotive authorities.

Salvage cars save money, that is why they sell. Why do we sell more Rebuilt and Rebuildable vehicles than anyone else? We pick the best vehicles from across the US. With 25 years selling “salvage” titled vehicles around the world and a comprehensive parts and repair sister business, we inspect every vehicle we get and describe its damage in detail.

Salvage can refer to “Rebuildable” cars which are cars that are lightly damaged but that can easily be repaired. It also includes “Rebuilt” title cars, trucks and SUVs that are completely repaired and ready to drive. Autoworld of America even offers salvage that is marked as C/D, or certificate of destruction that are only sold and exported to other countries.

How to Buy and Ship Salvage Vehicles to Lebanon

We make buying a car, truck, or SUV and sending it to Lebanon easy. Each of our vehicles have detailed descriptions of their condition. The first step in buying is learning everything you can about a vehicle. Does it have previous flood damage? Was it in a rollover accident? What about simple side damage or undercarriage damage?

Every one of our cars is well-described and fully inspected. Here is just a sample of what you can expect from a vehicle description at Autoworld of America:

Salvage Vehicle for Sale  Mercedes Benz GLK Class 2014   Autoworld of America   VIN EG223340

Salvage Vehicle for Sale  Mercedes Benz GLK Class 2014   Autoworld of America   VIN EG223340

The next step is figuring out the costs and shipping options for getting the car to Lebanon, where customs charges are pretty straight forward. The government of Lebanon even makes it easy to understand exactly how they calculate fees and customs costs. Their website states that “Customs Duties and Taxes are based on the CIF (Cost + Insurance + Freight) value of the imported used vehicles, where the Cost is obtained from international references such as the Blue Book and Super Schwache Liste.

Since costs on imports are calculated on values as determined by international references, auto salvage is easily the most inexpensive way to import a vehicle. C/D, or certificate of destruction, or “export only” vehicles, are one of the absolutely cheapest options for importing a vehicle because their value is considered low by insurance adjusters.

Rebuilt vehicles are somewhat pricier, but have been completely repaired. Rebuilt vehicles from Autoworld of America benefit from a dedicated used parts store and 25 years of industry experience. Rebuilt cars from our selection are ready to drive, but are still thousands of dollars cheaper than equivalent new models.

Beautiful cars carry high price tags. Want to get around Lebanon in style without spending an entire life’s savings? The best option might just be auto salvage from Autoworld of America

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