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Salvage Cars for Sale to Libya

  • We select the best auto salvage in the US.
  • Our large selection in-stock ready to go.
  • Lightly damaged cars at 10-20% off of sticker price.
  • Choose to repair yourself, or buy a rebuilt auto.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Libya

Sometimes, the best way to get a good deal on the car you want is to shop through salvaged and rebuilt vehicles. In Libya, getting a good price on a quality vehicle is no easy task. Luckily, Autoworld of America sells auto salvage to Libya and Libyan citizens. As demand increases throughout Libya, auto salvage and rebuilt vehicles from the US are becoming more and more popular.

Auto Salvage LibiaOur company sells Rebuilt and Rebuildable vehicles at prices that are 10 to 20% or more off of original sticker prices. Rebuilt vehicles are still much cheaper than cars that roll off the production line, but they can still be quite reliable. Shipping rebuilt cars from the US to Libya does require payment of a few fees, but the overall cost of the vehicle as compared to new cars easily makes up for the fees.

Auto salvage consists of vehicles that have been labeled “Rebuildable” or “Rebuilt” on their title. This distinction is often determined by insurance adjusters after a fender bender or some light damage, or by state laws and policies. Most of these vehicles have only minor damage that is easily repaired. Just the term “salvage” on a completely functioning car can lower the price point by thousands of dollars.

There are many experienced, low-cost mechanics and specialists in Libya. Getting damaged vehicles shipped from the US to Libya and having them fixed and repaired is much cheaper than buying new or used cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Autoworld of America selects only the best auto salvage to feature. We use our 25 years of experience to select quality automobiles. The company also repairs and fixes vehicles that meet and exceed regulations for “Rebuilt” vehicles. For Libyan buyers, we also offer C/D (Certificate of Destruction) vehicles for an even higher level of savings.

It actually isn’t all that difficult to have salvaged car shipped to Libya. Their fairly liberal import/export laws make it easy for residents to ship reasonably priced vehicles. Of course, for anyone shipping a large item, there are a few things to consider. Autoworld of America is here to help buyers navigate through buying salvage title cars for Libya.

Why Auto Salvage From US Is So Popular In Libya?

In Libya, auto salvage shipped from the US is becoming ever more common. In fact, it might be one of the easiest ways to gain transportation in Libya. Luckily, shipping lightly damaged or completely Rebuilt cars to Libya is a fairly straightforward process. Understanding the laws and customs of Libya is, however, essential in completing the process successfully.

Before even thinking about navigating that process, it is important to understand what the different types of auto salvage mean. Every year, people save money by buying and repairing damaged vehicles from the US. It is, however, much easier to save money if a buyer knows what they are getting.

Vehicles that are labeled as “Rebuilt” were once damaged, but are now repaired. At Autoworld of America, we pick our vehicles and repair them ourselves. With our Rebuilt cars, people are able to drive them directly after purchasing. No need to wait for repairs. From Mercedes to Nissan and Ford to Dodge, Autoworld of America sells a wide range of vehicles marked at thousands below sticker price.

Rebuilt vehicles are the most reliable, but other categories also offer a great way to save a few bucks on getting a car.

Check out the information below for a few descriptions of different types of damage common to salvage title vehicles:

Some auto salvage cars are categorized as “multiple damage”, referring to vehicles damaged in more than one way. Even multiple damage cars usually only require minor repairs to be thoroughly road ready.

How to Buy a Salvaged Car For Libya Citizens

Shipping salvage cars to LibiaGetting auto salvage shipped from the US to Libya is a fairly simple process. The first step is selecting a quality, well-known dealer to ensure a quality vehicle purchase. The next step is to find a shipping and customs partner to get the vehicle to where it needs to go.

Autoworld of America does not deal directly with shipping, but we do connect buyers with the right people. In 25 years of service, we have developed strong relationships with very experienced international shipping companies. Although there is always a fee to ship, prices are always cheaper than buying a brand new car in Libya.

As far as customs fees go, Libya is a fairly reasonable place to import to. Currently, Libya is a part of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). Libya uses COMESA’s Common Tariff Nomenclature to make it fairly simple to import and export. Right now, Libya assesses a 4% flat service fee on most imported products, but some products also require a few specific duty rates based on weights.

Since prices for salvage cars can be as much as 20% or more below sticker price, shipping and custom fees are still quite reasonable. Libya doesn’t allow import of luxury automobiles, which makes auto salvage in the country even more popular. One of the only ways to get a good vehicle at a good price is to buy US salvage car and have it shipped to Libya.

Want to learn more about auto salvage and rebuilt vehicles? Explore everything Autoworld of America has to offer.

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