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Salvage Cars for Sale to Nigeria

  • All cars are In Stock at our Auto Salvage Yard.
  • Each car is Rebuilt or Repairable.
  • As we stock these cars you will get the Lowest Prices.
  • Purchase Lightly Damaged Insurance Vehicles in the U.S. and ship them to Nigeria.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Nigeria

Lightly damaged or repaired auto salvage is one of the only ways to get a quality vehicle at a reasonably low price. Although shipping and customs do require a bit of extra cash, vehicles from Autoworld of America that are classified as salvage are often thousands of dollars cheaper than buying from other sources. The term “auto salvage” refers to vehicles that have been by sold at auction labeled as Rebuilt or Rebuildable based on the vehicle’s amount of damage, an individual state’s laws and regulations, and insurance company policies.

Auto salvage NigeriaMany buyers choose to buy salvage vehicles and ship them to Nigeria in order to save thousands of dollars on a car purchase without having to spend an arm and a leg on repair costs. Although salvage cars have either experienced light flooding, have been rolled, or have been subject to minimal side or front damage, hail damage, or rear damage, they can often be easily repaired. In Nigeria, quality labor at a reasonable price can make a car that is considered “salvage” or “rebuilt” in the USA a functioning, stunning vehicle for daily transportation.

At Autoworld of America, Nigerian buyers are also offered a selection vehicles that have been given a C/D (Certificate of Destruction) which are ready to export. We also refer Nigerians to full service shipping partners that help deliver quality salvaged cars, trucks, and SUV’s to most countries in Africa. Before jumping in and buying a salvaged title car and shipping it to Nigeria, there are a few things that any buyer should know.

The Benefits of Shipping Our Cars to Nigeria

In Nigeria, people buy vehicles from the US almost as much as they purchase from more traditional sources. Cars, trucks, and SUV’s labeled as flooded in the US are some of the most popular vehicles purchased in Nigeria. In fact, in 2010 Nigerians purchased more than 6.4 billion naira’s in used US goods, the majority of it consisting of Rebuilt and used vehicles. The trend is only growing.

What are the benefits of buying and owning auto salvage? Price. If you want a vehicle that looks great, but has an even better price tag, cars labeled as Rebuildable or Rebuilt are the perfect option for shipping to Nigeria. Autoworld of America has some of the widest selection of salvage vehicles for Nigeria.

Prices are so much lower when compared to new vehicles that even after a series of repairs, a salvaged automobile is much cheaper that a new one. Salvage cars shipped to Nigeria range from Honda and Toyota to more luxury oriented options like BMW’s and Cadillac’s.

When buying a repaired or lightly damaged vehicle and shipping it to Nigeria, it is helpful to understand what the different “conditions” of the car actually mean.

Whatever type of auto salvage is purchased and sent to Nigeria, it may require some repairs. Most of the time, the damage is light enough to make the price difference much, much more significant.

How to Buy and Ship a Rebuilt or Rebuildable Car to Nigeria

In Nigeria, buying a salvage car from the US is actually fairly simple. The Nigerian Customs Service allows vehicles to be imported into the country no matter their condition with the stipulation that such vehicles must be less than 10 years old. It does take a bit of paperwork to ship the vehicles, but the process is much simpler than you might think.

Salvage Car shipping to nigeriaOnce imported into the country, there are other fees as well. Importers of the salvage vehicles usually pay anywhere from 10, 20 or 35 percent of the value depending on the size of the engine (and designated use as commercial or residential). Although this total might sound high, the price is actually much lower compared to the price of a brand new car.

As far as actually shipping cars goes, prices vary depending on the service selected. At Autoworld of America, we help buyers find the perfect shipping company to deliver directly to Nigeria. Although prices do vary significantly, common costs range anywhere from $1400 and $1600 (usually shipping from US to Lagos). It is also possible to use a shipping broker to help navigate the entire process and save a few dollars here and there.

Since cars can go from accident to shop in as many as 45 days, the selection of cars to deliver to Nigeria is actually quite wide. Although shipping can take a while depending on the backlog of shipments, getting a car to Nigeria is actually fairly convenient. In Nigeria, the popularity of salvage cars, trucks, and SUV’s is skyrocketing. The inexpensive vehicles, even after customs and shipping costs, can still be 20 percent or more below sticker price.

Auto salvage is the only way many of us can afford a BMW or a Lexus. With traditional auto sales sometimes offering less selection than Rebuilt and Rebuildable focused dealerships, it can be easier to find exactly what you want from a business like Autoworld of America. It is important to remember, however, that all salvage cars will need some form of repair at some point. The cost of these repairs can be lowered by finding good, reasonably priced mechanic labor in Nigeria.

Picking a vehicle that has a title under salvage can be a bit tricky, but with the right strategies can also save you thousands of dollars. We help people find the perfect Rebuilt or Rebuildable vehicle for their individual needs. Nigeria welcomes such vehicles as long as they are less than ten years old.

Autoworld of America is one of the United States’ best auto salvage dealers with a wide selection of vehicles ready to be shipped to Nigerian buyers.

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