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Salvage Cars for Sale to Poland

  • All Salvage Cars are In Stock and ready to be shipped.
  • All automobiles have either been rebuilt or is repairable.
  • Buyers are guaranteed the best low prices available.
  • Buy slightly damaged insurance cars from the United States and ship them directly overseas.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Poland

With 20% or more below sticker prices, customers are rushing to get the best deals among our vast rebuilt or rebuildable inventory of auto salvage cars. Buying a vehicle from Autoworld of America is simply the best way to purchase petrol saving cars, trucks and SUV’s.

Auto salvage is defined as a vehicle that has sustained some form of damage. How these vehicles are categorized is determined by individual state laws and regulations, in addition to specific insurance policies. We have been buying and properly repairing salvage vehicles for over 25 years. Buyers who want a great car, at an affordable price, would benefit from purchasing one of these vehicles.

With many affordable and qualified mechanical labor available, it makes sense for   to purchase a slightly damaged vehicle. As with other EU countries, Poland requires buyers of rebuilt or rebuildable cars to have a Certificate of Destruction. This provides a great opportunity to save a substantial amount of money off the original sticker price.

Autoworld of America offers customers an experienced staff who know how to wade through the requirements of buying and shipping a car to Poland.

Benefits of Shipping Our Cars to Poland

People are buying auto salvage cars rebuilt in the United States in record numbers. They are finding that it leaves more money in their pockets to buy a vehicle with light damage, than to buy a brand new automobile in-country. Those vehicles which have had some flood damage are among the most popular brands purchased.

Auto Salvage for PolandWhy do people choose to buy this type of vehicle? The answer is simple. Price. It makes more sense to spend a modest amount of money for a vehicle that needs minor repair, than it does to spend thousands on a brand new model. Autoworld of America has a huge inventory and wide selection of auto salvage vehicles available. All cars are recent models and range from popular models such as the Dodge Ram or Ford Mustang to petrol minded models such as the Honda Civic.

Since auto salvage vehicles are classified by damage, it makes sense to understand the damage classifications before purchasing one of these automobiles and shipping it overseas.

When customers buy an auto salvage or lightly-damaged vehicle, it is helpful to understand exactly what type of damage has been inflicted upon it. The state of some vehicles may be labeled by insurance companies with the following conditions:

Whatever the condition of the automobile, customers are assured that rebuilt vehicles have been given a stamp of approval from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and any vehicle with slight damage can be easily repaired.

How to Buy and Ship an Auto Salvage Car to Poland

It is easy to buy a salvage car from the United States and ship it overseas. Since Poland joined the European Union a few years ago, it has adopted its import and export policies. Probably the easiest way for buyers to navigate some of the confusion surrounding shipping a car there would be to have Autoworld of America recommend a reputable shipping broker. We know which company has experience moving auto salvaged cars to cities such as Warsaw or Gdansk. It is a great way to ensure a seamless transition once the car leaves the United States.Gdansk, Poland

Import fees and VAT (value added tax) are always a concern for overseas consumers. The average fee levied on import vehicles depends on the year and model of the vehicle. They range from 15 to 30 % of the total price of the automobile. Since the price of new vehicles is almost more than the average person in Europe can manage, this is a huge savings for customers who buy an auto salvage car.

The price of sending a vehicle to Poland varies, as shipping companies have their own price structure. On average, a buyer can expect to pay anywhere from $700 up to $2,000 to have a vehicle crated and transported. Most consumers find it very affordable to ship an automobile. However, Autoworld of America helps their customers find the best company to help them move their vehicle, always keeping in mind the customers’ needs and budget.

In the US, an auto salvage vehicle can go from initial damage assessment to dealer lot in as little as 30 days. Our company finds the very best salvage titled vehicles and also offers one of the largest inventories of rebuilt vehicles available anywhere. With prices at 40% or more below retail sticker price, this is the best way to buy an inexpensive, affordable car.

In Poland, most people are looking for automobiles which have great gas mileage and conform to environmental expectations set by the country. Traditional dealerships may not offer the same brands or affordability as a dealership whose brand focuses on rebuilt or rebuildable vehicles. With Autoworld of America, customers now have that opportunity with the purchase of a salvaged, rebuilt or rebuildable automobile.

Remember though, when purchasing a slightly damaged automobile, it may need to have a bit of repair work completed at some point. These costs are minimized by finding auto vehicle mechanics with affordable rates and have a reputable work ethic.

Customers can save thousands of Euros by purchasing a titled salvage automobile from us. We understand our customers’ needs and promise to deliver only the very best automobile for their expectations and budget.

Autoworld of America is one of the United States’ best auto salvage dealers with a wide selection of vehicles ready to be shipped to overseas buyers.

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