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Salvage Cars for Sale to Saint-Martin

  • All cars are In Stock at our dealership floor.
  • Vehicles are either rebuilt or rebuildable.
  • We offer the best selection at the lowest price.
  • We partner with the best shipping companies in Saint-Martin.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Saint-Martin

Think owning the car of your dreams will remain just that: a dream? What if there was a way to get a great late model vehicle at an affordable price? A car you might not otherwise find in Saint-Martin, but one that you really want? What if you could get that car for thousands less than retail? Well, dream no longer: meet Autoworld of America, where you can find the late model car of your dreams at a fraction of the price.

What is the catch? These vehicles are sold with salvage, rebuilt, or rebuildable titles. What does that mean? In most cases, it means that these vehicles were involved in an accident or caught in a natural disaster like a flood or other storm. As a result, the car, truck, or SUV was damaged. The former owner’s insurance company decided it would cost them more to repair the vehicle than to simply pay out under the insurance policy, so that is what they did. The vehicle was declared a “total loss” or “totaled,” as many commonly call it. As a result, the insurance company ended up with the damaged vehicle and the former owner got a check.

Used cars Saint MartinThat leaves the insurance company trying to figure out what to do with the damaged vehicle. If possible, they want to recoup some of their losses. If the vehicle is truly beyond redemption, it can be sold for scrap metal. But, if the vehicle could be repaired it is worth a lot more. These vehicles are sold at auction, and are the same vehicles that Autoworld of America brings to you. Yes, the vehicle has suffered damage, but that damage can be repaired by you at a much more affordable price than the high labor costs in the United States would allow. That makes it possible for you to purchase a late model vehicle, import it, repair it, and still save thousands over buying the same model of new or used car, truck, or SUV. Most cars are already repaired and ready to go.

How Big of a Savings?

This will depend on you and the vehicle. If you select a vehicle requiring more repair, the purchase price may be lower, but the repair costs may be higher. If you can do some of the repairs yourself and do not mind salvaging parts from other vehicles, you can save quite a bit of money. If you need a professional mechanic’s help and prefer stock or unused parts, then the savings may be less. Even so, most buyers find they can save 20% or more, even after import, shipping, and repair costs.

Just imagine owning a Nissan, a Cadillac, or an Audi shipped to you for a small percentage of the regular price. All you have to do is have it shipped and have a few repairs made, and it can be yours. Nobody has to know how you got it or what you did to make it look as beautiful as it will. All they have to know is you have one of the hottest late model cars, trucks, or SUV’s on the road.

What Kinds of Repairs Should You Expect?

These vehicles have been damaged in a variety of ways. Some may have relatively minor cosmetic damage and may still be completely driveable. Others may have more serious mechanical issues and require significantly more repair work. Most of these vehicles have been involved in a collision of some sort. Some have been caught in weather events like hail or flooding. To determine exactly the types of repairs that will be required, you will need to understand the terminology used on our sites.

Knowing what kind of damage to expect will help you pick a car that will be the perfect balance of price and repair work.

What Kinds of Cars Are Available?

This is the exciting thing: just about any popular car sold in the United States that you can imagine is available from Autoworld of America. Looking for something practical? We have plenty of Jeeps, Hondas, and Dodge vehicles from which to choose. Want something more luxurious? How about a Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW? We have all of these and many more. Selection will never be an issue with Autoworld of America.

So, how do you get these vehicles into Saint-Martin? We have partnered with outstanding shipping companies who will walk you through the process of getting your vehicle shipped and brought through customs. This makes it possible for you to get a wide array of vehicles, even those that would not otherwise be available in Saint-Martin. You can be the envy of all of your friends and family, and have it all at a fraction of the price. We are your best kept car buying secret!

Autoworld of America is one of the United States’ best auto salvage dealers with a wide selection of vehicles ready to be shipped to Saint-Martin buyers. Search through our inventory of hundreds of cars today to find the car of your dreams at a price that cannot be beat!

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