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Salvage Cars for Sale to San-Andres, Colombia

  • Each car or SUV is in-stock at our yard.
  • All vehicles are ready to be shipped to San-Andres, Colombia.
  • We offer the lowest price on the salvage vehicles in US.
  • Every car is either Rebuilt or Repairable

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to San-Andres, Colombia

Buying a new or used car in San-Andres, Colombia is expensive. But, what if there was a better way? A way to get a used car for thousands less than retail, a vehicle that is from as recent a model year as you might like, and one that has every option you could want? There is, and it is Autoworld of America.

Autoworld of America sells salvage, rebuilt, and rebuildable vehicles. These are vehicles from the United States that have been involved in an accident, flooded, stolen and recovered, or otherwise damaged. Because every American driver is required to have insurance on their vehicles, if the car, truck, or SUV is damaged to a point that it becomes more expensive for the insurance company to repair than to simply pay off the value of the vehicle, the insurer will write-off the car as a “total loss.” The previous owner is paid the value of the vehicle, and the insurance company is left with a damaged vehicle. The insurance company wants to recoup as much of its losses as possible, so it tries to find a way to sell the “totaled” vehicle. If the car is too far gone, it may simply be sold for its scrap value. But, if the vehicle is salvageable and can be repaired or rebuilt, it has more value. These are the vehicles that Autoworld of America acquires for resale.

used cars San-Andres ColombiaYes, importing a vehicle to San-Andres, Colombia from the United States does add some additional expense in the form of shipping and customs charges, but these vehicles can still be thousands of dollars less than comparable used or new cars. While these vehicles would have been too expensive to repair in the United States, with its high labor costs, the lower repair costs in San-Andres, Colombia make this a much more affordable proposition. As a result, you can have the vehicle of your dreams for thousands less.

At Autoworld of America, Colombian buyers can select from an offering of vehicles that have been given a C/D (Certificate of Destruction) that makes them ready for export. Autoworld also partners with some of the best full service shipping partners in the world to help deliver quality salvaged cars, trucks, and SUV’s to you.

The Benefit of Buying a Car from Autoworld of America

As of 2009, there were only 71 cars for every 1000 people in Colombia. Vehicles can be expensive luxuries, but they do not have to be luxuries of the wealthy any longer. Buying a salvageable vehicle makes it possible for you to own a quality vehicle at an affordable price. The trade-off is that the vehicle will usually require a little repair when you first get it to restore it to mint condition. That can be a small price to pay to get a vehicle that will be the envy of your friends and family for thousands less than retail.

What Kinds of Vehicles Are Available?

Autoworld of America brings the wide array of vehicles available to American buyers to the people of San-Andres, Colombia. We offer vehicles from makers like Honda, Toyota, and Infinity, as well as Jeep, Ford, Chevrolet, and many more. And, we offer a wide array of models, as well, like Dodge Ram trucks, Honda Accords, Mini Coopers, and hundreds of others. The selection is far wider than any you will find anywhere else, and all at unbeatably low prices thanks to their salvage titles.

What Kinds of Repairs Will Need To Be Made?

When buying a salvage vehicle and shipping it to Colombia, it is helpful to understand what the different “conditions” of the car actually are. When evaluating the car, the following terminology is commonly used:

Whatever type of auto salvage is purchased and sent to Colombia, it may require some repairs. Typically, the damage is light enough to make the vehicle well worth the investment. Indeed, some may be fully functional as-is, only requiring repairs to restore the vehicle’s appearance. However, most will require some level of mechanical servicing to ensure the proper operation, safety, and long-term usefulness of the vehicle. Still, these repairs will normally keep the vehicle thousands of dollars under the price of a comparable new or used vehicle.

Importing the Vehicle to Colombia 

Getting your vehicle into Colombia is actually fairly simple. We will put you in touch with one of our shipping partners who will walk you through the rest of the process. It is important to note that shipping and customs fees will be an additional charge to the price of the car, but are usually quite manageable.

Imported salvage cars are skyrocketing in popularity in San-Andres, Colombia. And, the reasons are obvious. Even after repairs, shipping, and customs expenses these vehicles can be 20% or more below comparable vehicle prices. Salvage vehicles are the only way many would ever be able to buy late model vehicles like those made by Lexus, Mercedes, and Cadillac. Autoworld of America is the best way for many Colombians to get the vehicle of their dreams at a price they can afford.

Autoworld of America is one of the United States’ best auto salvage dealers with a wide selection of vehicles ready to be shipped to Colombian buyers.

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