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Salvage Cars for Sale to UAE

  • Our large selection of in-stock cars are ready to go.
  • Every car is priced to sell.
  • Our autos are ready to drive whenever you are.
  • Lightly damaged cars at 30-40% off of sticker price.

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to UAE

Let’s be honest, cars aren’t cheap. In the UAE, stumbling on a good vehicle for a good price is as rare as finding a cool day in the middle of summer. There is another way to find a car or truck at a good price, and all it takes is a bit of research.

Auto salvage, also known as “rebuilt”, “rebuildable”, “certificate of destruction”, and “salvage”, are cheaper (much cheaper) than new and used cars found through traditional means. Getting salvage cars isn’t as hard as people would like you to believe, it just takes a good dealer and a better sense of what types of conditions mean. After all, you wouldn’t buy a watch without understanding who wore it and how it was treated.

Autoworld of America sells and helps ship Rebuilt, Rebuildable, and Export Only vehicles to the United Arab Emirates at prices that are consistently below original sticker prices. If 10 to 20% off of original sticker prices sounds too good to be true, read on to understand how Autoworld of America can offer vehicles at that deep of a discount.

What Is Auto Salvage?

Used card UAESalvage cars, trucks, and SUVs are quickly gaining popularity in the UAE, but you still might not know exactly what “salvage” means. When it comes to the term in the US car market, “auto salvage” refers to cars that have been labeled as damaged by insurance adjusters, insurance companies, and automotive professionals. The levels of damage vary quite a bit, but in general are labeled as one of the following:


Cars labeled as Rebuilt were once categorized as “salvage” by an insurance adjuster. After getting to Autoworld of America, we fix the cars and replace parts that are damaged. To gain the actual “Rebuilt” title, the car is then submitted to rigorous DMV tests and must pass them all to receive a Rebuilt title.

Truthfully, Rebuilt title cars, trucks, and SUVs are the easiest options for people who want something they can drive on day one. Autoworld of America puts 25 years of experience into their rebuilt cars, often making them better vehicles than they were before the damage occurred.


Rebuildable vehicles are exactly that: rebuildable. Salvage Rebuildable cars have been lightly damaged and are not, as of yet, fixed. Want a cheaper car, truck, or SUV? This is the way to go. All it usually takes to get these cars road worthy are a few light repairs.

One reason more people in the United Arab Emirates are breaking into the field of auto salvage is the reasonable labor that can be found throughout the country. Even when adding in the cost of repairs, customs, and shipping, a car can still be as much as 10% cheaper than original stick prices.

Certificate of Destruction (Export Only)

If you live in the UAE (which you probably do if you are reading this), certificate of destruction vehicles might be an even cheaper option. Sometimes, when adjusters and insurance companies analyze damage, they mark a car with a c/d, or a “certificate of destruction”. Once a car is marked with this title, it cannot be sold in the US.

It can, however, be sold to someone across the seas. We’re looking at you UAE.

For buyers that have connections to a good mechanics shop or automotive mechanic, C/D vehicles are easily the cheapest option.

Getting Auto Salvage Sent to the UAE

So, let’s say you’ve made up your mind: you want to buy some auto salvage. How do you get it to your home in the UAE? The process really isn’t that difficult if you know where to go.

And, luckily, we know where to go.

At Autoworld of America, we work with our customers every step of the way. From shopping for a vehicle to understanding the damage to shipping. We partner with various international shipping specialists that can help you navigate your new vehicle to the UAE. Contact Autoworld of America to get more information on how we can help get you into a reasonably priced salvage vehicle.

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