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Salvage Cars for Sale to Bolivia

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Bolivia

In recent years, the number of vehicles in Bolivia has risen by approximately 20% year over year. Unfortunately, this has led to the creation of more stringent auto import tariffs. Bolivians are restricted to importing vehicles that are no more than five years old. At Autoworld of America, we offer a stock of vehicles that includes hundreds of makes and models less than five years old.

What’s better? Our vehicles are priced at up to 20% lower than comparative new models. Why? Simply because our vehicles are marked with “salvage” titles. Salvage can mean many things, but one thing it always means is a little bit of extra cash in the pocket.

So, what is auto salvage?

Rebuilt, Rebuildable, and Export Only

At Autoworld of America, we sell vehicles, often considered “auto salvage”, that are labeled as either rebuilt, rebuildable, or export only (also known as c/d). Our inventory is carefully selected with the help of 25 years of experience navigating the market. Since most of our cars are less than five years old, there are many opportunities to buy a car from our Miami dealership floor and send it to Bolivia.

Before buying, it is helpful to know what these types of designations mean. We’re here to help. Here is a brief introduction to the industry:



Shipping a Vehicle to Bolivia

Bolivia salvage carsNow that you know what salvage cars means, maybe you’re ready to buy. The first thing you need to do is find a reputable dealer. In this day and age, it can be hard to find an experienced business with the selection and knowledge you need. At Autoworld of America, we have been buying and selling auto salvage for more than 25 years. We are the leading Miami and US dealer of quality, lightly damaged vehicles.

Shipping to Bolivia from our Miami dealership is much more inexpensive than choosing a vehicle anywhere else in the US. With ports that are ready to ship cars at a moment’s notice, we help buyers get driving sooner. Autoworld of America helps connect buyers to the leading international shipping companies to help you find the right services.

Residents of Bolivia must pay the proper taxes and tariffs based on national rules and regulations. Since rules and regulations shift year by year, it is important to speak with a local Bolivian representative about current import costs. ADUANAS, also known as the national customs office, is located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and is the main point of contact for individuals interested in importing goods internationally.

Even after taxes, shipping costs, fees, and possible repairs, auto salvage still tends to offer a much better price point than buying a new vehicle from the US. Since our selection is so carefully curated, buyers can always expect a good car at a good price from Autoworld of America.

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