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Salvage Cars for Sale to Cayman Islands

Slightly Damaged Cars Available for Shipping to Cayman Islands

Imagine being able to buy virtually any late model vehicle sold in America and having it delivered to you in the Cayman Islands, all at a fraction of the price of buying new and as much as 20% or more off of the retail price for a comparable used vehicle. Imagine no more; because that is exactly what Autoworld of America offers you. Autoworld of America brings you salvaged vehicles, many requiring only minor repair work to be restored to near mint condition. These vehicles include virtually every brand, make, and model available in the U.S. Market, all at a fraction of the price.

Why Buy Salvage, Rebuilt, or Rebuildable Vehicles?

Used cars for Cayman IslandsAmerican drivers are required to have insurance on their vehicles. When a vehicle is involved in an accident or suffers other damage, the insurance company appraises it to determine how much the repairs and other expenses will be versus the value of the vehicle. If it is more expensive to repair the vehicle than to simply pay it off, the insurance company will declare the vehicle a “total loss” or “totaled,” as many call it. A totaled car becomes the insurance company’s once they pay off the insured former owner. At that point, the insurance company must find a way to recoup the lost expenses from the pay out. If the vehicle is completely unable to be salvaged, it can be sold for scrap. But, if the vehicle can be repaired, it is sold at auction under a salvage title.

As you can tell, a salvaged vehicle still has value as a vehicle, it just needs to be repaired. While this would have been too expensive for the insurance company, after paying for parts, labor, rental cars for the insured driver, etc., it makes it possible for you to buy these vehicles at a tiny fraction of the price and make the repairs yourself.

What Kinds of Vehicles Are Available?

You can literally find just about every make and model of late model vehicle sold in the United States on our website. Whether you seek a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes, Lexus, or BMW, or a more economical vehicle like a Honda, Mini, or Toyota, we have you covered. Many of these vehicles have little more than cosmetic damage or minor mechanical needs. Some may require more work, making them even more affordable. Fortunately, labor costs are lower in the Cayman Islands than in the United States, making these repairs much more financially manageable for you than they would have been for the American insurance company.

What Kinds of Repairs Will Need To Be Made?

To make a smart decision on the car of your dreams, it is important to understand what the various damage designations mean. This will allow you to understand what exactly is damaged so you can determine how much work it will take to return the vehicle to showroom quality.

Autoworld of America typically uses the following terms to define areas of damage:

Whatever type of auto salvage is purchased and sent to the Cayman Islands, it may require some repairs. Typically, the damage is light enough to make the vehicle well worth the investment. Indeed, some may be fully functional as-is, only requiring repairs to restore the vehicle’s appearance. However, most will require some level of mechanical servicing to ensure the proper operation, safety, and long-term usefulness of the vehicle. Still, these repairs will normally keep the vehicle thousands of dollars under the price of a comparable new or used vehicle, making them excellent investments.

Importing the Vehicle to the Cayman Islands

Getting your vehicle into the Cayman Islands is actually fairly simple. We will put you in touch with one of our shipping partners who will walk you through the rest of the process. It is important to note that shipping and customs fees will be an additional charge to the price of the car, but are usually quite manageable.

Imported salvage cars are skyrocketing in popularity in the Cayman Islands. And, the reasons are obvious. Even after repairs, shipping, and customs expenses these vehicles can be 20% or more below comparable vehicle prices. Salvage vehicles are the only way many would ever be able to buy late model vehicles like those made by Lexus, Mercedes, and Cadillac. And, in a country where the number of cars on the road is actually greater than in the United States, we know Cayman Island residents need a good car. Autoworld of America is the best way for you to get the vehicle of your dreams at a price you can afford. Indeed, many of these vehicles and options would not otherwise be available to those living in the Cayman Islands. So, take advantage of this amazing new auto buying experience and shop the smart way.

Autoworld of America is one of the United States’ best auto salvage dealers with a wide selection of vehicles ready to be shipped to Cayman Island buyers. Search through our inventory of hundreds of cars today to find the car of your dreams at a price that cannot be beat!

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